Innovative ways to get Followers and Fans in Social Media

One of the most important elements to a successful social media campaign is one that is most often forgotten.  These days most businesses and brands have taken the step into the social media revolution. They have created Facebook pages, posted Tweets, and started a blog but it is too often that we see them forgetting one important step:

Letting their customers and potential customers know about their social media presence.  One of the first things that we recommend in our workshops and consultations before we even teach people how to use Facebook, Twitter, etc. is to use your current customer base as a way to gain quality fans and followers.  We suggest emails and postcard mailings letting people know that you are now on Facebook or Twitter and letting them know exactly what they will get out of being a fan of yours.  We also recommend adding the famous social media icons to your business cards, post cards, signage at your storefront, and most importantly on your website.

Those are the basics and we have started sharing some examples of how companies are sharing their involvement with social media on our Facebook page.  We are going to start posting photos of these good examples in an album on Facebook and we’d like to involve our fans and customers.  Between now and January 3, 2011we want our fans to post pictures of creative ways that they promote their involvement with social media or ways that you see others promoting their social media presence on our Facebook wall.  Those that post photos with a description on our wall will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 VISA gift card.  The winner will be selected by random drawing and you receive one entry per uploaded photo example.  Photos and entrant name must be uploaded to the Marketing Mud Facebook Page Wall.

We hope that this is an exciting way to learn more about how to get new followers and fans on your social media sites.  Please feel free to ask questions on our Facebook wall and please share this with others who might be interested.  Thanks fans!

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