Does My Business Need a Website?

“Does My Business Need a Website?”.  This question may come up often, especially for small businesses with just a few employees.

The answer to that, is a resounding YES!  Regardless of how big or small your company is, a website is a necessity for virtually ANY business.  One great thing about the internet is that it levels the playing field between the small business owners and the ‘big boys’.  Both a company with 3 employees, and a company with thousands of employees can get their presence noticed on the web.  Whether you do business online, or use a web page for simply an online presence, a web page is a necessity for a business in 2012.  If you dont have a website, you are immediately losing business to a company that does.

That said. a business website needs to look professional.  Even if there isnt much content, a website should be attractive, simple to navigate, and get viewers to know exactly what the company is about as quickly as possible.  In fact, it may be better to have no website at all than a poorly built website that makes your company look bad.  With all the connectivity in 2012, people can open their phone, see a map and notice your business out of several listed.  If they see a poorly designed broken website, that may be an immediate detractor for your business.  If your users see that you take your website seriously, that same impression will carry over to the way they feel about your business.  Inversely, if your website is sloppily put together, that could also translate to the way some viewers view your business.

In today’s culture, consumers often look to the web to research services, products, and businesses before ever stepping foot into an actual store.

A website is an important part of any business and its crucial that its treated that way.



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