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Is Facebook The New Yellow Pages?

September 29, 2021


The New Features on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter That Will Get Your Business Discovered

The latest social media updates are finally giving us something to talk about other than vertical video. Facebook is amplifying its role as a business directory through its suite of social media apps, testing a business directory on WhatsApp and maps on Instagram. They’re also insisting on quality on their platforms, providing more guidelines for businesses to make sure their content will be promoted. Meanwhile, Twitter is having a bit of an identity crisis, testing new features to find a new niche as rich, engaging media takes the internet by storm.



Facebook’s Business Directory Empire: What to Watch for on WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook is a mainstay in branded social media because it functions as a directory where people can discover small businesses and get a feel for who they are. Now, Facebook is expanding the value of its social media suite by taking the same approach on WhatsApp. This feature, still in testing, will let businesses apply to be featured in the directory, requiring information to confirm your identity, which will let them be discoverable by users in the area. According to a Reuters interview with Facebook’s vice president of business messaging, in-app advertising could be on the horizon for WhatsApp.

But Facebook isn’t putting all its eggs in one WhatsApp basket. According to Mumbrella, Instagram also has a new directory feature in the works. This feature, also in testing, would show businesses in a map format, allowing users to see just what restaurants, shops, and more are close by. A map directory like this would be a new take on connecting users to businesses – one that seems to compete more with Google Maps than other social media.


What does this mean for Florida Businesses?

Facebook has been aligning itself with small and local businesses for quite some time now. With their business-friendly features and cross-platform integrations, they’re aiming to be a modern-day phone book. These new features on WhatsApp and Instagram will only add to their lead in digital marketing, giving business owners more reasons to invest in making content for these platforms. To get yourself ready for these upcoming discoverability opportunities, continue to invest in consistent high-quality social media content across these platforms. This will pay off when these features become available to everyone and your pages already look great!



What Not to Share on Facebook: Organic Content That Gets Demoted

Facebook has been in the hot seat for a while regarding influence from bots, misinformation, and more. According to Pew Research, about 31% of Americans regularly get news from Facebook. In response to criticism, Facebook has continually tightened restrictions on advertising and organic content. Recently, the platform shared new insights on what triggers cause them to hide content from news feeds. We’ll go through the mistakes that small business owners are most likely to make. If you can avoid these, your content will get more impressions and make a bigger impact.

  • Avoid clickbait links. Be sure that anything you link on your page is accurately represented in your description. If viewers are visiting your link for just a second before returning to Facebook, it may reflect badly on your content.
  • Posts that call for likes, comments, or shares. Facebook is calling this type of content “engagement bait”. This is anything that specifically asks for engagement in the copy or on the graphic, including posts that ask you to vote on options with Facebook’s reactions. Instead, focus on the quality of content and try to generate engagement organically.
  • Links to websites that request data. Facebook is wary of website links that immediately ask for unnecessary user data. Website pages that are meant to capture email addresses or other information might be best promoted with paid Facebook ads, rather than posted organically.
  • Low-quality websites or websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Facebook doesn’t want to lead users to a frustrating website with errors or a bad experience. This includes websites that don’t adapt to mobile devices.
  • Other low-quality content. Facebook is also less likely to show comments, videos, and events that don’t contain any information, seem reused or uninteresting, or are likely to be spam.


What does this mean for Florida Businesses?

The quality of your social media content and your website matter. Facebook doesn’t want you to use the organic side of their platform to gather user data, link to low-quality websites, or pump up your engagement artificially by asking for it. This platform cares about providing quality, useful content to its users. You’ll get far by sharing useful blogs, engaging videos, and social media content that people naturally want to interact with.


Twitter Keeps Tweaking Their Platform… Here’s What You Need To Know

Over the past month, Twitter has been experimenting with new features like a mad scientist locked up in a lab. There have been so many updates that it’s hard to keep up, but we’re noticing a few trends that show us what Twitter wants their platform to look like. Here’s what you need to know about the recent changes:


What does this mean for Florida Businesses?

Twitter is going through vigorous testing and adding new features as fast as possible. Why the sudden changes? It seems that the platform is trying to compete with a lot of other successful social media at once. The full-width images make it look a little like Instagram, monetization options remind us of Patreon, and Spaces is still a clear copy of Clubhouse. In an age of hyper-engaging video content, quick text quips might not draw as many users as they used to.

The lesson we can take from this is that engaging visual, video, and audio content is the way forward. We need to focus on the quality of our content, since users have so much to choose from. To get started on engaging content, check out Twitter’s hot topics for Fall. These range from excitement over the new season, back-to-school and back-to-in-person conversations, and some talk about Fall sports.


Ok, now what?

As we’ve seen, social media works best when you’re providing high-quality content your viewers will enjoy. Liquid Creative is here to help business owners with all their marketing needs, including managing your social media! We can also help you turn those views into sales with a beautiful website, produce ultra-engaging video content, or brand your business from the ground up.

We’re a full-service marketing agency ready to craft the perfect solution for your business goals. Our talented team can pick up your marketing strategy without missing a beat, help you out with a one-off project, or get your business on the digital map. Call, email, or leave us a message to let us know how we can help you!