Lets support the Boys this Movember!

[Nov 30th Update]

Hector has made it through the month!

Despite the urge to shave, Hector managed to make it through the entire month!

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[Nov 9th Update]

Hector is fighting the good fight!

He’s in that stage where you really want to shave it, its getting kind of itchy, but he’s holding out! This week has been unseasonably cold, and since he usually has facial hair, its been doubly cold!

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[Nov 1]

Hector is one of our talented graphic designers and technically only one of two boys on our Liquid Creative Studio team. This month we will

be documenting his progress as he participates in Movember, an annual fundraiser that aids support in the US for prostate and testicular cancer.

Hector’s grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 10 years ago. Luckily, it was diagnosed early on and he’s still with us today, living a happy and healthy life, all thanks to the research of these diseases. This will be his third year participating!

Hector, and all of us at Liquid Creative Studio would like your support in raising awareness and funds for this cause. All month Hector will be growing out his Mustache (and only his mustache)—if you know Hector, typically he has pretty full facial hair.

Today, he came to work baby-faced and ready to being Movember. He and we will be posting updates throughout the month for you all to see!

Donate Here

You can follow and donate on his personal MoSpace page at: (http://us.movember.com/mospace/1020246)

To learn more about Movember, follow this link: http://us.movember.com/about/

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