New site launch –

The liquid team has been very busy these past few months.  Among our recent work, we have launched several websites.  The most recent website we launched was for a local Gainesville, FL pizza chain, I LOVE NY Pizza.

You can view their newly launched site here:

The website utilizes bold imagery, presented in sliders and galleries throughout.  The menu is extensive, and utilizes mouseover effects and popout imagery.  Bold oversides fonts were used to accompany the images, and highlight areas of the site.  Most important, we gave the client the site they were looking for.

We tried to combine the feel of a New York with that of the pizzeria itself.  We worked closely with the client during this project, and have enjoyed working with them!

We would recommend that people in the Gainesville area check them out,  They have specials on their new site, as well as their Facebook page.

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