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3 Signs It’s Time to Refresh Your Brand

January 9, 2019

Do You Need to Rebrand?

A brand does so much more for your business than simply provide a “look” or logo. A brand is an important tool that differentiates your company from its competitors and establishes a tone for consistent communications.

Not sure if your brand is strong enough to stand out in the crowd? Here are 3 signs it’s time to consider a rebrand.

1. Your Brand Is Your Logo

A brand provides the overall feel of your business that you would like to convey to everyone involved with your company, from potential investors to potential customers. There is no way to accomplish this with only a logo! A brand identity is composed of several elements, and establishes guidelines for visual and verbal communications.

A brand identity document includes:

  • Logo: a mark used to identify an organization or product
  • Color Palette: the various colors and accents to be used in visual communications
  • Typography: lists which fonts to use in various communication scenarios
  • Graphic Collateral: graphic elements consistently used to complement your logo
  • Word Cloud: a list of words that best represent the buying experience and differentiate the product or service
  • Brand Rationale: a document establishing the tone of written communications

Your brand is bigger than your logo– it’s what differentiates your business from competitors. If you haven’t spent time thinking about and establishing what that is, it’s time for a rebrand!

2. Customers Confuse Your Logo, Signage, or Ads With Competitors

If your logo is easily confused with others in your industry, you’re never going to be able to stand out for the great work that you’re doing! While a logo can often indicate the types of goods and services offered, it should also have artistic elements that add personality to the brand and distinguish it from competitors.

Here you can see how we refreshed the logo for LEJ Pretzel Company. We gave the mark more character and distinctive elements while maintaining the clear purpose that it conveys.


There is more to representing your brand in an advertisement than simply using your logo. The color, style, and types of imagery used to advertise for your business should be consistent and easily recognizable, allowing for quick processing by those who are familiar with your brand.

The messaging you use to talk about your products or services should also be consistent– remember that every post that your business makes on social media reflects your brand. Make sure that you’re building a brand that your customers can relate to, and that adds value to your business. Consider creating a word cloud of adjectives and some nouns that you feel like capture the essence of your brand, and then consistently use these in your content. Try this free world cloud generator to get started.

3. Your Business Has Grown

Maybe you didn’t need a brand identity when you were working out of your home office, but now that your business has grown, there’s a lot more to think about. How will you help your employees convey what makes your business unique to new customers? If you’ve added new products or services since your founding, it’s almost certainly time for a rebrand– reevaluating existing verbiage is critical when entering new markets.

Ready to Rebrand?

The team at Liquid Creative is ready to help you create a new brand for your business! We will go through our initial research process (known around here as “discovery”) to understand what differentiates your company from its competitors. From there, we’ll create a brand that conveys that message, and sparks a connection with your desired customers.

Start standing out with eye-catching graphics and compelling copy– learn more about branding with Liquid Creative.