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Strategic Social Media Always Wins!

September 20, 2021

The Strategy & Execution Behind Our FPRA Golden Image Award


The team at Liquid Creative is thrilled and so, so honored to have received two awards at the Florida Public Relations Association’s 82nd Annual Conference. Our work for Red Door Homes of North Central Florida earned us FPRA’S 2021 Golden Image Award and Judges Award in the  digital tools of public relations division in the social media category. We’re proud of every campaign we create to further our clients’ goals, but it feels extra special to see our hard work recognized by FPRA!

“Winning this award was a complete team effort. It was incredible to see all the different elements of the work we do at Liquid Creative highlighted through the entry for this award. From the research – what we call ‘discovery’ – to the creative and implementation on social media, our team knocked it out of the park. The award is a testament to the strong partnership we’ve with built with our client at Red Door Homes.”

– Jen Pagh


What Is the Florida Public Relations Association?

The Florida Public Relations Association is a network for professionals in public relations throughout the state. FPRA provides opportunities for continued learning, chances to connect with others in the industry, and recognition in the form of state and local awards. At Liquid, Jen and Scott are members of FPRA, continuously adding to the public relations knowledge we use for our clients.


What Is the Golden Image Award?

FPRA’s Golden Image Award recognizes and promotes outstanding public relations work in our state! The competition contains 4 divisions that contain more specific “categories”, each with their own winner. Liquid’s award was in Division C, Digital Tools of Public Relations, in the Social Media category. The judges look for the best in every aspect of the campaign, from research to evaluation of results.


What Is the Judges Award?

The Judges Award focused on the return on investment a campaign achieves for the client. Similar to the Golden Image Award, entries for the Judges Award are divided into categories and expected to meet quality standards for research, planning, and process. Our social media campaign for Red Door Homes won both the Golden Image and Judges award for its category!
Our Social Media Campaign or Red Door Homes


Starting with market research is essential to having a successful campaign strategy. For Red Door, we looked into everything from who our target audience should be to what market disruptions we should be on the lookout for. Here’s a brief summary of what we found before implementation began.

  • About 58% of Facebook users are 25-34 years old.
  • Millennials and Gen-Z home buyers were found to be most likely to be purchasing their first home.
  • Millennials are looking for affordable homes, with the highest percentage looking at homes in the $100,000 – $199,000 range.
  • A majority of millennials find owning a home to be a core part of the American dream.
  • COVID-19 wasn’t found to disrupt our local real estate market. In fact, the market was looking busier than normal.

This research helped us solidify a target market, make sure we were reaching them on the right channels, and confirm the timing of this campaign.

Facebook Posts

Take a look at the organic social media we created for Red Door Homes! This is a sampling of what we did over the last quarter of 2020, based on our research and strategy for this client. Liquid Creative handled this campaign in full – from topic selection to posting!

Facebook Posts

We also used paid Facebook advertising to reach our target audience. Here’s a look at some of the ads we created during this 3-month campaign!

Ready for Award-Winning Social Media?

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