The Power of Fonts

I never really paid much attention to fonts, not consciously anyway. After becoming a graphic designer I soon realized that fonts play a huge role in everyday life, whether we’re aware of it or not. I see it like this; Words are just that, words. Fonts give those words a voice, personality. They can make the words scream or whisper. They can deliver the words in a firm confidant tone or with a calm meekness.

Fonts can be just as influential as the words themselves. Here are some good examples:

Gotham Bold has a contemporary sophisticated feel, while remaining authoritative, solid and honest. Perfect for a political campaign.

Crate and Barrel’s clean, timeless font, Helvetic, is also the worlds most recognizable. Friendly familiarity works in favor for this home goods store.

This font expresses the bands non-conforming personality and urban style.

And then there are custom fonts made for a specific client or project:

This font by Ian Brignell, does a great job of capturing the feel of softness and cleanliness.

This bold but distinctive font, by Louise Fili was made with the intention of being stamped on the binding of books.
Check out more of Louise’s impressive typography skills here.

I recently just finished the book Just my Type and really enjoyed it.
If you’re interested in learning about the history of typography you’ll find some fun stories here 

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