tis the season for creativity

One of my favorite traditions during the holidays is getting crafty. And creativity on a tight budget can yield some pretty interesting results. This year I’ve been noticing an abundant amount of fallen branches around our home with all kinds of interesting textures and colors growing on them. Who would of thought dead branches would spark inspiration? My first project would be a wreath made from those branches and holly berries. My husband called this the “Blair Witch” wreath (not was I was going for). Within 24 hours the squirrels, in an attempt to get the berries, tore it apart (fail). So I salvaged the branches and now have a mini Christmas tree on my kitchen counter. My husband has yet to give it a flattering nickname and I’m enjoying its subtle, rustic company (success!).

I asked some of our coworkers to share their traditions and here’s what they said.

“The Whidden holidays are usually very busy. We are lucky enough to have both of our families close by. The downside of this, is that we don’t have an excuse to not go to every single Christmas celebration. We go to about 4 different Christmases between the two families. Its pretty hectic, especially with a 3 year old in tow. He loves it, the wife and I get pretty burned out.

Each Christmas, I like to photoshop a xmas card for us. My wife also loves making chocolate cherry-filled mice.”


“Family, Fun & Magic are priorities for the Mitchell / Cornell clans Our activities have changed over the years especially now that my boys are older and are adding their ideas to the mix. We kick off the holiday season on Thanksgiving weekend with decorating, lights on the roof, homemade eggnog and holiday music blasting. This year, we added snuggling on the couch with fuzzy Santa blankets and a reading of The Polar Express followed by watching the movie.  A couple of weeks before Christmas, we break out the gingerbread cookie cutters and make a mess baking and decorating.”


Here are some examples of other creative projects our team has been enjoying lately:


We hope that during this holiday season you take advantage of the opportunity to get out all your natural creative urges and play like a child again!

Happy Holidays!

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