Welcome Xana Watson to the Liquid Creative Team!

The team at Liquid Creative is thrilled to introduce our new Social Media Strategist, Xana Watson. Xana became a Florida transplant to pursue her undergraduate in Media and Communications at Full Sail University. After enjoying the fantastic weather for a few years, she decided to permanently make Florida home.

While at Full Sail, Xana built a network of industry professionals to collaborate with on various projects ranging from digital marketing development to television productions sets which allowed her to get familiar with the world of communication. Upon exploring many areas of communication, Xana realized her niche — a passion for social media.

“I believe social media is the heartbeat of society, it’s how we communicate! I am often asked if social media is truly beneficial for businesses, and my answer is that it’s not just important — it’s vital! Proper use of social media allows for limitless visibility to new audiences and an opportunity to foster meaningful relationships and conversations with followers.”

Xana has since assisted companies across many different industries in managing their social media, including real estate agencies, radio broadcast stations, small business startups, and others. Even though social media plays a major role in Xana’s life, she also enjoys getting physically involved in her community.

We’re so glad to welcome Xana to the team!

Fun Facts About Xana:

“My favorite place I’ve ever traveled was Spain. The experience of the culture, people, and scenery was breathtaking!”

“A food that I could eat everyday would be tacos.”

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