Your Brand and Social Media

You finally have a new website, and your branding has been spread across various social media outlets…. now what?

It’s 2012 and hundreds of millions of people are connected through social media and interact daily.  The number of Facebook users may hit 1 billion in the next year or two.  Twitter has increased by 60% over the past year.  We know there are a ton of people on these services, but how are all these people interacting with brands on social media?

What is the most effective approach for businesses to take with their social media accounts?

Obviously the major difference between social media branding and traditional marketing is that users have the choice to follow a brand.  There needs to be incentive, be following for more information, deals, or brand loyalty.  However there is also a seemingly fine line companies need to walk to give followers the information they want, without being intrusive.  It’s a delicate dance between brands and followers.
AYTM Market Research recently conducted a survey of 2,000 random internet users regarding these very questions.  Below is an info-graphic laying out their findings:

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