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How Our Digital Marketing Grew CorsPaint’s Business by 60% In 1 Year

With content creation, digital advertising, and search-engine optimized blogs, we turned CorsPaint’s amazing word of mouth and customer service into real-world results.


Liquid has created great content for my website and social media. Not only has it helped me rank on Google, but I’ve also used the blog articles as a sales tool.
Cornelius White
Owner at CorsPaint

The Challenge

Before we began working with CorsPaint in 2021, they were already a highly-rated painting service with great reviews. However, a lacking digital presence was failing to turn their word of mouth into new sales.

The demand for house painting services grew post-pandemic as homeowners opted to update their homes instead of moving. A booming market for their services and their stellar reputation meant there was a huge opportunity for CorsPaint – one that they weren’t fully taking advantage of.

In short, CorsPaint was unknown in the digital space. While homeowners were Googling painting companies, they were missing one of Gainesville’s highest-rated services. Even if a prospect happened upon CorsPaint online, there was too little information to convince them to call.

The Solution

After speaking with the owner of CorsPaint, the Liquid team conducted market research and an industry analysis as part of our Discovery Process. Here’s what we found:

  • Record high housing prices were predicted to increase home improvement spending and purchases of older homes, continuing a trend from 2020.
  • A record low mortgage interest rate gave homeowners more money to invest in their homes.
  • DIY home painting was an external threat. About 30% of painting supplies were being purchased by homeowners themselves.

To turn these opportunities into demand, we needed to invest in CorsPaint’s digital presence. Creating demand for CorsPaint would require building brand awareness, consistently posting valuable content, and creating lead funnels through advertising. Here’s how we made it happen:

  • Creating blog content and social media posts that showed CorsPaint’s expertise, positioning them as reliable experts in their industry.
  • Coupling search ad campaigns with SEO strategies to increase brand awareness in and around Gainesville, FL.
  • Designing marketing funnels that generate high-quality leads through digital advertising and organic search results.

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Content Creation That Showcases Unique Selling Points


Check out CorsPaint’s Facebook page here!

When we began working with CorsPaint, we learned about their high standard of service and amazing customer reviews. But their personality and selling points weren’t coming across clearly online. We wanted prospects to be able to get to know CorsPaint the way we did, so we focused on creating content that showcased their expertise, values, and friendly service.

We enhance CorsPaint’s credibility through consistent and professional content.

After a prospect learns about a business, they’re likely to search for them on Google or social media. By creating weekly content for Facebook and Google Business Profile, we showed these prospects CorsPaint was active, professional, and approachable.

We positioned the brand as approachable experts in their field.

By sharing their process, values, and expertise online, we made it easy for prospects to trust and choose CorsPaint.

We offered social proof with customer reviews and authentic photography.

With before-and-after photos and customer testimonial highlights, we gave our audience plenty of proof of CorsPaint’s quality and great service.

Improving Search Rankings Through SEO Blog Writing


Check out CorsPaint’s Paint Talk blog here!

Our blog content for CorsPaint was aimed at improving their search engine ranking, providing a resource for their audience, and even increasing demand for their services. By helping inform renovators about the differences between professional and DIY painting, we helped drum up even more demand for CorsPaint’s services.

We offered valuable insights about CorsPaint and house painting in general.

By answering frequently Googled questions in blogs and providing valuable information about painting, we encouraged higher search rankings and more website traffic.

We increased visibility through strategic blog topics.

Many new CorsPaint customers reported finding the company through Google, showing that our SEO blogs and other digital strategies increased CorsPaint’s visibility online.

We created an owned resource that CorsPaint could easily reference with their customers.

CorsPaint’s owner reported referencing our blog content often to inform new customers about the company’s processes, quality assurances, and more.

We focused on local search.

Location plays a big role in the Google algorithm, specially for services like house painting. We focused strongly on Gainesville and Alachua to rank for local search.

Corspaint Gainesville Google Ads

Generating Awareness & Leads Through Digital Advertising

To make the most of CorsPaint’s improved online presence, we used paid advertising on Facebook and Google to expand our reach. New prospects would see CorsPaint’s messaging, driving them to a marketing funnel on CorsPaint’s website. These ads were essential for increasing our brand awareness and converting more leads.

  • We lowered the cost-per-click of ads through search engine optimization. Thanks to our blog content and other digital strategies, we lowered CorsPaint’s CPC from $2.70 in April to just $1.11 in December, while improving the quality of their leads.
  • We converted prospects into high-quality leads. As our search ads ran, we constantly optimized them by adding valuable new keywords, choosing negative keywords, and adapted bidding. This way we reached the right audience and filtered out unwanted clicks. Our campaign improved lead volume and quality, delivering 8-10 quality leads every week.
  • We enhanced brand awareness with visually appealing Facebook ads. On top of our search campaigns, we ran new Facebook ads monthly to visually appeal to the target audience while they browse online.

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The Results

In our first year of working with CorsPaint, we helped create demand for their services and grow their business by 60%.

Overall, our marketing improved brand awareness, earned high-quality leads, and earned them enough business to expand their team.

Before And After Strategic Marketing

With digital marketing, we helped leverage their amazing word of mouth into business growth and quality leads.

Through Google search and social media ads, we earned Corspaint 8-10 leads a week, both as online form submissions and phone calls. We lowered their cost-per-click of Google Search Ads from $2.70 to $1.11 within 9 months, thanks to our optimization strategies.

Overall, we were able to expand CorsPaint’s business by 60% in under one year. By generating demand digitally, we enabled them to hire 3 additional painting teams.



Our work for CorsPaint earned us an Image Awards at the 2022 Florida Image Awards & 2022 North Florida Image Awards.

Digital Promotion: Florida Award of Distinction

Digital Promotion: North Florida Image Award

It’s been such a blast to work with CorsPaint and see our strategies pay off. We’re already looking forward to helping this amazing business grow even more in the coming years!