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How Straight Line Construction Earned Over 10x ROI With A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

With a search-engine optimized website and content marketing, SLC achieved 100% more leads, 187% more website traffic, and an over $500,000 return on investment.


Thanks to Liquid Creative we started to connect with our clients and grow our business. We are safely going to double our business in the next 12 months as a direct result of the relationship we have with Liquid.
Straight Line Construction

The Challenge

Straight Line Construction has been offering high-quality home renovations for over 11 years. Unlike most construction contractors, they put the customer’s experience first with all-inclusive home renovations.

As housing prices continue to rise in Florida, homeowners had every reason to renovate rather than relocate. SLC provided a quality home remodel solution for homeowners – but too few people knew about their services. As a result, SLC was paying outside sources to obtain leads – a strategy that failed to capitalize on their stellar reputation or unique company values.

SLC needed a way to reach their audience and show homeowners what makes their process rise above the competition. By improving their brand awareness and online presence, SLC would be strategically positioned to take advantage of the continued demand for home renovations.

The Solution

After meeting with SLC, the Liquid team dove into our Discovery Process to evaluate their online presence and the purchasing process for their industry. Here’s what we discovered:

  • Homeowners search for design inspiration online before renovating
  • Homeowners look into a contractor’s reputation online before contacting them
  • Homeowners want to see examples of completed work
  • Homeowners won’t commit to a contractor before meeting them, either online or in person

With this in mind, we knew we needed to truly show SLC’s character online and get homeowners excited about that first design meeting with the SLC team. To increase brand awareness, improve their online presence, and generate quality leads, our tactics included:

  • Creating a new website with clear calls to action, search-engine optimized content, and a clear value proposition
  • Sharing educational and inspirational content through blog articles and social media
  • Producing video content that show SLC’s team, capture client testimonials, and showcase their unique process
  • Running Google search, display, and social media ads that draw in interested homeowners

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A Streamlined & Optimized Website


Check out SLC’s full website at StraightLineFL.com!

Websites are essential to building brand awareness and communicating about your business. With that in mind, we set to work upgrading SLC’s online presence to reel in new clients, showcase their work, and tell their brand story.

We identified SLC’s value proposition and unique benefits to persuade website visitors.

By identifying how SLC solves common customer pain points and differs from their competitors, we crafted convincing messages perfectly fit to SLC’s mission.

We improved their discoverability through search engine optimization.

By selecting and including strategic keywords in our website copy, along with some technical improvements, we improved SLC’s ranking in Google search results. Our website redesign brough SLC from 1,172 visitors a month in July 2021 to 3,233 visitors by March 2022 (and growing each month).

We simplified the user experience with compelling calls to action.

The promise of a free consultation and clear expectations make users more likely to contact SLC. After the redesign, SLC’s bounce rate (users that leave after visiting 1 page) decreased from 90% to 76%.

Engaging, Brand-Building Video Content

Check out more videos on SLC’s YouTube channel!

Video production is hands-down the most engaging way to speak to your audience. Our video strategy for SLC humanized the brand, showing a people-first approach that’s unique in their industry.

We shared the brand’s process so customers know what to expect.

First-time renovators will know exactly what to expect thanks to video content about SLC’s unique, customer-first approach.

We highlighted each team member’s expertise and personality.

SLC’s team introduction videos show all the skills present in their showrooms and at their job sites.

We created lasting social proof through video testimonials.

By showing beautifully renovated homes alongside happy homeowners, we give viewers every reason to trust SLC with their project.

Valuable, Relevant Content Marketing

With so many advertisers vying for our attention online, the best way to captivate your audience is by providing value. In the home improvement space, there are opportunities to do this through discussing trends, sharing completed projects, discussing materials, and more. Publishing consistent content for SLC shows their credibility and expands their reach online.

  • We highlighted SLC’s expertise and knowledge through valuable blog posts. With a twice-monthly blog hosted on their website, we provide value to homeowners. Our blog posts earned 715 views, leading to at least $150,000 in leads directly attributed to blog content.
  • We improved their search engine ranking by producing talked-about topics. By writing at length about the questions and topics people searched for, we’re both telling search engines that SLC’s website is up-to-date and adding in valuable keywords to improve their ranking.
  • We adapted SLC’s content for new media that fits their target audience. The channels we recommended for SLC included Pinterest, where home inspiration Pins have a long lifespan, and Google Business Profile, which improves SEO and gives them more real estate in Google search results.

Driving Leads Through Paid Digital Advertising & Landing Pages


Check out SLC’s full website at StraightLineFL.com!

We used search ads to capture the audience at the right moment.

Our search ads were the first thing users saw when searching for selected keywords, earning 3,360 clicks in the last 6 months (Q4’21 – Q1’22), with a constantly decreasing CPC.

We began running strategic social media.

Social media ads let us show impressive visuals and stop the scroll, earning us over 3,000 clicks to SLC’s website in the last 9 months (Q3/4’21 – Q1’22).

We improve awareness with display ads.

Straightforward ad graphics displayed across various websites improved brand recognition and drove website traffic. By adapting our visuals, we earned 6,812 clicks in the last 6 months (Q4’21 – Q1’22), with a constantly decreasing CPC.

We engaged viewers with pre-roll YouTube ads.

With an attention-grabbing video ad, we earned over 76,572, with a CPV of just $0.03 in the last 6 months (Q4’21 – Q1’22)

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The Results

In our first six months working with SLC, we surpassed all of our defined objectives while staying within budget.

Overall, our marketing efforts led to SLC closing more leads per week and spending less on advertising. We’ve drummed up great awareness about their services and shown their personalities online, persuading more and more homeowners to trust their renovations to Straight Line.

Before And After Strategic Marketing

During 2021, our campaigns for SLC earned at least $2 million in revenue and $600,000 in profit. Through strategic and adaptive marketing, we multiplied their investment over 10 times for a ROI of $532,000.

The successes we’ve accomplished together are empowering SLC to expand, with two new showrooms in Ocala and Alachua set to open soon.



Our work for SLC earned us 6 awards at the 2022 FPRA Ocala Chapter Image Awards. This included the Grand Image Award for our video work!

The successes we’ve accomplished together are empowering SLC to expand, with two new showrooms in Ocala and Alachua set to open soon.

Video: Image Award, Judges’ Award & Grand Image Award

Website: Image Award & Judges’ Award

Promotional/Marketing: Award of Distinction

It’s been an amazing experience to be SLC’s marketing partner. We look forward to continuing to let their business shine!