3 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business Thrive

Until the past few years, social media seemed to belong exclusively within the territory of tech savvy teens using sites like Twitter, Facebook and WordPress to deliver their thoughts to a (supposed) audience.

Now, it seems that there has been an overnight revolution in the way businesses, both Fortune 500 companies and tiny start-ups alike, are viewing social media. Companies are realizing that social media is more than a side errand that brings negligible traffic, but a platform to attain a digital presence and increase visibility.

This is the age where droves of consumers are turning to the Internet to find dinner recommendations, product and service reviews and vacation rentals. Scratching out your own digital space is easier and less expensive than other marketing strategies, but can drive visibility, traffic and sales.

Gain Exposure to a Varied Demographic

Social media, particularly Facebook, allows your company to specifically target certain demographics. Reach young women on Instagram, Tumbler and Pinterest. Find business professionals on Google+ and LinkedIn. Denny’s official Tumbler has recently gone viral for not only their mouth-watering pictures of pancakes and bacon, but also for their quirky and witty posts that have reached thousands of “reblogs” and “likes.”

Build Brand Awareness

Promote your products and services online, every day! Cheerwine reminds their fans on Facebook that their drink is tasty and appropriate for any time of the day, as well as offering Cheerwine discounts and encouraging them to support their favorite brand #MasonDixonMadness.

Engage Directly with Consumers and Potential Customers

Online users can now retweet Amazon and add their satisfaction (or lack of) with their most recent purchase. This feedback and modern-day “word-of-mouth” helps this online mogul thrive.


Social media has been around for a while now, and advertising there is on the rise. What is your favorite social media advertising tactic? What annoys you? What’s effective to you? Share your thoughts on our Facebook wall!

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