7 (Surprising!) Signs That You’re Creative


At Liquid, our team is made up of all kinds of individuals with different talents, different personalities and different job titles. But we all have at least one thing in common — we’re all creative! Many people make the mistake of believing that only people with certain jobs or hobbies, such as drawing, writing or designing, are truly creative. As a result, people may underestimate their own level of creative talent.

The truth is, creativity comes in many different packages and plenty of individuals who are actually very creative may not hold the roles you’d expect. So, have you been telling people you’re not a creative person when, in fact, you are? Here’s a few traits to look out for that indicate creativity and a strong imagination. Take a look and see if you recognize yourself in any of them — you may be surprised!

7 Traits that Indicate Creativity:

  • You Constantly Observe — The world is full of interesting, exciting, fun and odd things happening all of the time. Sometimes, even the most mundane occurrences can spark the imagination. Creative people consistently find themselves closely observing people, places, noises, sights and smells and taking note of them to think about later on.
  • You Make Opportunity Happen — If you hate the feeling of being stuck in one place (be it mentally or physically), then you might just be creative! Truly creative people can’t stand stagnation and will seek out new experiences, opportunities, people, places and things to keep life interesting.
  • You Surround Yourself with Individuality — Creative people often have an affinity for the unique, and they love to surround themselves with people who display talents, styles and interests that are different from their own.
  • You Take Risks — Timidity is not a trait that creative types are known for because they understand that taking chances (and sometimes failing) is the best way to improve as an individual and as an artist. Therefore, the risk is its own reward!
  • You Love Working — Whether laboring at a job or on a project at home, creative people take great satisfaction from their work. Even the most basic tasks are rewarding because they are seen as opportunities to bring something unique to the table!
  • You’re Always Curious — A passion for looking into details and learning new things is a trademark of a creative brain. The famous advertising executive and founder of ad agency Leo Burnett Worldwide, Leo Burnett, put it this way: “Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”
  • You Don’t Believe in Stereotypes — Creative people are difficult to summarize or peg down, as they tend to be made up of many conflicting characteristics. As a result, they have no use for stereotypes that seek to oversimplify or classify others. They are aware of the fact that people are extremely different from each other and that they are way too complicated to be considered a part of a generalized category.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

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