The watch every Apple geek has always wanted

Did you hear? Of course you did. You are on Facebook after all. Apple announced today it’s latest and greatest product: Apple Watch.

Even if Apple isn’t known for coming up with the most revolutionary product ideas, they are known for perfecting them, so this may be something to get excited about.

Purchasing this tiny interface for approximately 350 bucks will give you access to new technologies such as Force Touch – where the touch screen senses the difference between a push and a tap – and Taptic Engine – where you not only hear, but also feel the difference between types of notifications.

Apple Watch will be laced with functions such as constant heart rate monitoring and location identification. Sync your Apple Watch with your Apple Pay™ account, as well as with your Apple TV®, and you’ll never need to dig for cash or pick up a remote ever again. Just one big, happy Apple family of products.

When is Apple Watch coming to stores near you? Early 2015. Just in time to make you feel bad about your Christmas gift.

P.S. Why isn’t it called Apple iWatch?

Read more about the product here.

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