Are You Suffering from Creative Block?

Do you frequently find yourself staring at a blank word document? A blank canvas? A blank notebook? Struggling for new ideas? Mind drawing a blank? You’re not alone!

All creative professionals are likely to struggle with creative block from time to time. Here at Liquid, creativity is the backbone of our business, so we heavily rely on our creative ideas. Let’s discuss the different types of creative block and various ways to overcome it so you can get back to creating amazing work!

3 Types of Creative Block:

1.  Close-Mindedness

The most common type of creative block, close-mindedness describes what happens when you get too caught up and boxed-in by your own common ways of thinking. It’s tough to come up with something new and exciting when your brain is stuck in “same old, same old” mode.

The solution? Step back and revamp your mindset! Surround yourself with others who have different ways of thinking, go explore new places, check out new media, and always ask yourself the question “how could this be made more exciting?”

2. Lack of Inspiration

For most of us, our minds just draw a complete blank every now and then. Whether due to burnout, sleepless nights, or a lack of caffeine, this can be the deadliest creative block of the bunch since our jobs need inspiration each and every day to keep our creative process alive.

Do not be discouraged if you have encountered this hurdle — it is all part of the process! The solution? Take a mental break, get a little bit of sleep, and then head out to find new outlets of inspiration — go to art galleries, concerts, film festivals, and just surround yourself with uplifting, innovative ideas.

3. Too Many Ideas!

Sometimes having too much on your mind can cause a creative block. Having too many disjointed ideas can cause you to feel paralyzed as you consider how to approach your next project or job. The solution? Create a list of your ideas, and group them into smaller groups of similar ideas. This will force you to only examine a couple of ideas at a time and will ease the stress of choosing a specific concept to work on.

Creative blocks can come in many forms and require different solutions to overcome them. Try the solutions above and get back to creating more quickly! Need additional help coming up with creative ideas for promoting your business? Give us a call! (352) 600-5050

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