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Close More Sales: 5 Best Print Sales Tools

March 31, 2014

Seal More Deals with Effective Print Sales Tools

In an increasingly digital world, the sales landscape remains more personal, and many interactions still take place face-to-face. When your team is trying to communicate what your organization offers to potential new customers, having the right printed tools is critical to closing the sale. Print sales tools help your team:

  • Convey a consistent message
  • Clearly communicate your offerings
  • Demonstrate the value of your organization

Keep reading for the 5 best print sales tools that will help your sales team seal more deals!

1. Rack Cards

Though simple, rack cards can help you convey your offerings and key messaging when starting the sales process. They’re so easy to hand someone if they ask you what your company does, and are especially convenient at events, such as trade shows.

We created rack cards for the Institute of Veterinary Specialists to convey key information about their services in an easy to read format.

2. Branded Pitch Decks

It’s critical that your brand remains prominent and cohesive throughout the sales process. Branded pitch decks not only add personality to your proposal, but also ensure that potential clients can easily tell which one is yours, even when they’re shuffling through several options. Whether you decide to print your pitch deck or send over a digital version, make sure it’s always branded!

Our own pitch deck is a great example of how branding elements can really make a presentation stand out. We love our custom icons!

3. Case Studies

If you solve a problem for your customers, you should have case studies that outline exactly how you accomplish their goals and what type of results you can achieve. Case studies draw on real examples of your work to either tell a story or provide data about your past projects. Sharing real life examples of your accomplishments really  builds trust with potential customers, helping you to close the sale. In addition to being a great print sales tool, case studies can also be published to your website and shared on social media. Read the case study that we wrote for Scherer Construction following the successful completion of their St. Anne Early Learning Center.

We wrote a case study outlining how Scherer Construction addressed various construction challenges throughout this impressive build.

4. Product Sheets

Product data sheets provide potential customers with specific, detailed information about your products in a visually appealing format. They’re a great tool to make sure that your sales team doesn’t leave anything out when communicating product benefits!

We created this product specification sheet for Carbonxt, an activated carbon manufacturer, to outline important product information in an easy to read layout.

5. Catalogs

A catalog helps your sales team talk through different product options with customers, and is something that the customer can take home to reference later. Catalogs can also help you feature your most profitable products, and generally lead to more natural conversations than clicking through a website with a customer.

We created a catalog of floor plan options for Red Door Homes, a local custom home builder.

Get Eye-Catching Print Sales Tools

Ready to start closing more deals with eye-catching print sales tools? At Liquid Creative, we design unique branded pieces that help you stand out from the competition. Contact us to get more information about how we can help you build an arsenal of effective sales tools!