Coca Cola Braille Campaign

cokeIf you drink Coca Cola or live by your social media accounts, you’re probably familiar with the  “Share a Coke” campaign. In  2014, Coca Cola brought  people together one can at a time by printing thousands of names across their product and distributing them across the nation.

People flocked to social media to share their customized soda can, many people getting creative and incorporating the campaign into their weddings, graduations, baby reveals and other memorable life events. After all, there is nothing quite as exciting as getting to find your name at the grocery store!

However, an ad agency in Mexico named Anónimo recognized that not everyone gets to experience that joy of seeing their name on a can because not everyone gets to experience seeing. That’s when the agencies came up with the idea of printing braille on the sides of Coca Cola cans so that blind people could join in on the joy too!

Anónimo  teamed up with Coca Cola to then bring the braille-enhanced experience to Fundación ProCiegos, a company that specializes in training the blind to be able to transition into the workforce.  With a successful first run, they eventually expanded the campaign to movie theaters in Mexico as well.

In Argentina, an agency named Geometry Global followed in Anónimo’s footsteps, printing personalized braille Coca Cola cans for the blind soccer team in the area.

Take a look here:

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