Color for the Colorblind Campaign

EnChromaDo you remember the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy opens the  door to the wonderful world of Oz; brilliant splashes of gold, green and orange exploding from the grayscale world where she had lived. Without the bright colors bringing this paradise to life, Oz would not have had the same wonderful impact . I mean, what if the yellow brick road was just a brick road? And what if the ruby  slippers weren’t ruby?  Color is such an integral part of today’s visual world. It’s part of your company’s brand, its personality, its identity.

Nearly 300 million people are affected by color-blindness.  Although people that are considered color blind don’t live in a black and white world like Dorothy, those affected by this condition lack the ability to see certain colors in the color spectrum (most commonly red and green pigments). Valspar and a company named Enchroma, maker of colorblindness correcting glasses, partnered up to address this condition in their #ColorForAll campaign.

The campaign comes to life in a short documentary called “Color for the Colorblind”, where Valspar and EnChroma bring the gift of color to a group of people with the help of Enchroma’s color-blindness correcting glasses.  Additionally, documentary shares emotional testimonies about  the condition to make you realize just how much you may take for granted when it comes to appreciating color. After all, when was the last time you admired a  sunset or even a child’s crayon drawing?

The #ColorForAll campaign opens the eyes of the world to the issue of  colorblindness.  But you don’t have to click your heels together three times to share in the experience! Check out the the documentary below:

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