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Enhance Your Online Presence: What To Say & Where To Be Online

August 4, 2021

In 2021, your online presence matters. A lot of your success depends on having information about your business in places where your audience can easily find it. This week, we’ve got updates that will upgrade your business pages on Snapchat and Twitter. Plus, Facebook comes to the rescue when you’re not sure what to say!


Photo by Twitter

The Shop Module Brings E-Commerce to Twitter

Twitter’s new feature is focused on making the platform more friendly for online shops. The new Shop Module will be an option for businesses to display items for sale on their Twitter profiles. Users can scroll through these products and make purchases within the mobile app. This simple introduction is Twitter’s first step into bringing e-commerce to the platform since 2015.

The Shop Module feature is currently at the beginning of testing, with only a few select brands being invited to participate. Twitter is hinting that this, along with their recent addition of professional profiles, is the beginning of a journey to make the platform more business-friendly.

What does this mean for Florida Businesses?

Twitter Shopping will be something to try in the future if you offer products that can be shipped to online buyers. This is something that can be used together with a Shopify Store, Instagram Shop, or other e-commerce tools. If you’re a service provider or you operate brick-and-mortar, stay tuned to see what other updates Twitter rolls out for businesses.


Photo by Snapchat

Get on Gen Z’s Radar! Snapchat Launches ‘My Places’

Snapchat’s ‘Snap Map’ lets users know where their friends are in real time – perfect for fueling Gen Z’s FOMO. The platform is now inviting businesses to get themselves on the map – literally – with My Places. This update will let users log where they’ve been, suggest edits, and recommend local spots to friends.

So what does this look like on a business owner’s end? Though Snapchat’s blog is limited on details, it looks like these locations can be linked to business profiles within the app. Your pinned location will bring up information about your business – hours, contact information, reviews from Tripadvisor, directions, and your current Snapchat story.

What does this mean for Florida Businesses?

This tool isn’t going to be ideal for every audience, but it’s definitely going to be useful with the younger crowd. It’ll be interesting to see how this useful new feature will compare to non-social platforms like Google Maps. In any case, set up your business profile, snag your location, and start giving Snapchatters an incentive to check in!


Photo by Facebook

Small Business Campaign Ideas, Courtesy of Facebook

Not sure what to talk about online? There’s plenty to say about every small business – Facebook’s new Campaign Ideas Generator is here to jog your memory! This social media update is so fun to play around with – get some ideas for your small business marketing here. When you input your industry and a time of year, you’ll get suggestions for Facebook ads that will work for your business.

The campaign ideas might revolve around a particular theme, a call to action, or an audience you should try to reach. Plus, click to the ‘Data and Insights’ section for some market research about your audience, right from Facebook!

What does this mean for Florida Businesses?

You’ll never be tongue-tied online again! Even if you’re not loving the campaign ideas that Facebook suggests, the data is a gold mine. Learning more about your audience will let you create more compelling campaigns every single time.

Ok, now what?

Now that you’re up to date with the latest industry news, it’s time to invest in a team that specializes in all things social media and digital marketing. We can help! Liquid Creative is a full-service marketing agency ready to help your business operate to its fullest potential without missing a beat.