Favorite Commercials of 2013 Super Bowl

The Baltimore Ravens are officially the Super Bowl winners of 2013. But now the real question is, who took home the trophy for best advertisement of 2013? The Super Bowl is known for its infamous line up of commercials, generating massive amounts of internet chatter throughout the night. Sunday night alone brought in 24.1 million tweets, surpassing the 23 million that took place during the 2013 Presidential election. According to an article posted on CBS News, “39 percent of Super Bowl viewers said the commercials were the best part of the game; the game itself came in second with 28 percent liking it the most.”

For 30 seconds of Super Bowl air-time, advertisers pay close to $4 million! Is it worth the money? What does it take to be the best (or worst)? Also, what emotions must be evoked to entertain the millions of viewers across America? Is it humor? Sentiment? Pride? Suspense? Whatever it may be, expectations are high and continue to increase. We want to know who you think prevailed! Who was the Super Bowl Advertisements XLVII winners of 2013? Please share your comments and opinions below.

April’s Favorites:

1. Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd for Samsung

2. Best Buy Asking Amy

Nate’s Favorites:

1. Hyundai Santa Fe – ‘Team’

I think what did it for me was a kid wrestling a Grizzly Bear.

2. TIDE – Joe Montana Stain

I liked how it featured both Super Bowl teams and the most iconic player from the 49ers while still being very product oriented and creative at the same time.

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