Get on Google

“Just Google it.”

We bet every one of our followers understands that phrase. Google is by far the leading search engine in the world, and in the past few years has become a leader in social networking as well, encroaching on Facebook’s territory of connecting online.

Yesterday, Google announced Google My Business – a free service that consolidates the confusing process of registering your business on Google Maps, Google Search and Google+. If you’ve already “claimed” your business on Google, this change will just be an upgrade. For those who have yet to “Get of Google,” you’ll have a better experience than if you’d registered a week ago.

We are particularly excited about this upgrade in the PR world because businesses will now be able to respond directly to their Google reviews! Plus, you can update your business followers similarly to Facebook with industry news, interesting photos, company events while interacting with customers and other businesses.

Want to try it out for your own business? Go to and let us know how it goes on our Google+ page! Happy connecting!

P.S. If you’ve had a great experience with Liquid or our staff, review us on Google+ page here!


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