How Important is Social Media for the Growth of Your Business?

Over recent years, we have all been witness to the explosive growth and increased usage of social media platforms. Facebook, for example, started as a hub for college students in 2004 and is now a social media network on which nearly 2 billion active users communicate and interact with friends, family, community, and brands. Talk about influential! Let’s take a look at just four of the many advantages and reasons why effectively branding your business on social media is so vital.



  • Brand Awareness  


The simplest way to breakdown the big idea behind social media branding is to say that the more people see your profile or logo on their timelines, the most likely they will remember your business, identify a need, and convert into a customer. It’s about more than just posting content about your business, it’s also about posting content that is relevant to your viewers. Ask yourself “what are my target audience’s interests?” When content is valuable and relevant to your audience, they are more likely to share it with their network which increases your reach to a new audience that could potentially convert into a customer.



  • Customer Insight


With the power of social media analytics, you are able to directly see the demographics of the audience your content is reaching. Another way to gain customer insight is through social media listening. What are people saying about your brand? About your industry? Social media listening can be done by tracking posts that you are mentioned in and monitoring hashtags.


Social media interaction is also a way to have more open, faster communication with customers. When customers reach out to you via social media it humanizes your brand and adds value to the their user experience.



  • Increased Web Traffic


The term SEO is everywhere these days, but many business owners still don’t understand how much social media can potentially help boost your rankings. Sharing of content that links to your website (such as blogs, community pages, and landing pages) not only increases web traffic, but as people share your links the more Google is likely to improve your ranking.   



  • Targeted Content


Social media is among the most cost effective marketing tools available. With the growth of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they have all integrated paid content options that allow you to directly target your intended audience by age, gender, location, interests, and much more!   

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