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How We Use Winning Digital Strategies To Grow Our Clients’ Businesses

August 25, 2022

How We Use Winning Digital Strategies To Grow Our Clients' Businesses

We invite you to check the strategy behind our award-winning work that grew CorsPaint’s sales by 60% and helped Straight Line Construction close 10 leads per week and increase their ROI x 10.

This year, we took home 12 awards from the Florida Public Relations Association for the work we’ve accomplished with our clients in Gainesville and Ocala.

We’re thrilled to be recognized, especially from an organization with such a high standard for research-based, strategic campaigns! Professional recognition from our colleagues is the icing on the cake after celebrating amazing ROIs and milestones with our clients.

So how did we do it? Here’s a quick breakdown of our two winning campaigns!

Earning Over 10x ROI for Straight Line Construction

Awards Won at the Florida Image Awards & Mid-Florida Image Awards in 2022:

  • Video:
    • Florida Golden Image Award
    • Florida Judges Award
    • Mid-Florida Image Award
    • Mid-Florida Judges’ Award
    • Mid-Florida Grand Image Award
  • Website:
    • Mid-Florida Image Award
    • Mid-Florida Judges’ Award
  • Promotional/Marketing
    • Florida Golden Image Award
    • Florida Judges Award
    • Mid-Florida Award of Distinction

Our work for Straight Line Construction showcases our strengths as a full-service marketing agency. With everything from a new website to video work to expanding their social media presence, we helped show the world what makes SLC different.

Setting Goals and Determining Strategies

After taking the time to understand SLC and their positioning in the market, we worked with them to set goals that would grow their business. Each goal was translated into strategies and specific marketing tactics we’d use to make it happen.

To improve their online presence, we created or redesigned the digital platforms that their clients would use to find them. We did this by:

  • Designing a stunning new website
  • Managing a consistent social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Linkedin
  • Creating Google Business Profiles for their two locations
  • Showing off their amazing work with videos


To increase brand awareness we put their brand in from of their users by creating:

  • Display ads on Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Pinterest
  • Video ads on YouTube and Social Media


To generate high-quality leads

  • We streamlined their lead generation process on their website and social media so users could contact them any way they wanted.
  • We implemented search engine optimization (SEO) strategies so SLC showed up when users search for their services
  • We ran search ads on Google to connect SLC with interested prospects.
  • We optimized their local citation platforms like Google Business Profile, Bing Locations, and Apple Maps


Designing a UX Driven & Google Search Optimized Website

award winning web design and development

When creating a new website for SLC, we equally considered making it true to their brand and optimizing it for lead generation. The website copy increases discoverability with SEO keywords while still speaking to their unique value proposition. We took every opportunity to establish brand trust with renovation galleries, reviews, employee videos, helpful blogs, and more. At the top and bottom of every single page, users are prompted to contact SLC, encouraging high-quality leads.

Establishing Trust & Awareness Through Content Marketing

Pinterest Content Social Media Strategy

See the latest on SLC’s Pinterest!

To begin a brand relationship between SLC and prospects, we created monthly content that provides value to the target audience while encouraging website visits, phone calls, and form fills. Our content calendar included blog posts that improved SEO, engaging video content for social media, and a strategy to bring the brand to Pinterest.

Generating High-Quality Leads Across Platforms

google ad strategy search ads and display ads

Our paid advertising strategy improved both the quantity and quality of SLC’s leads. The newly optimized website helped us lower the cost per click of our Google search ads. To bring the brand to more people, we began running social media, display, and YouTube ads.

The Results of Strategic Digital Marketing for SLC

digital strategy comparative results straight line

Our campaigns helped SLC earn at least $2 million in revenue and $600,000 in profit. We accomplished a return on investment of $532,000, or over 10 times SLC’s marketing spend.


Growing CorsPaint’s Business by 60% in 1 Year


Awards Won at the Florida Image Awards & North Florida Image Awards in 2022:

  • Digital Promotion:
    • Florida Award of Distinction
    • North Florida Image Award


Throughout 2021, we worked alongside CorsPaint to showcase their brand digitally. They already had great word of mouth – it was up to us to translate that into digital presence. Through social media posts, blog content, and paid advertising, we helped CorsPaint expand their business and hire 3 new teams of painters!

Setting Goals and Determining Strategies

We worked with CorsPaint to understand how people were finding out about their business – and how they weren’t. After identifying missed opportunities to generate leads and build brand awareness, we decided on a few key digital strategies to accomplish our objectives.

To position CorsPaint as professional and reliable we created blog content and social media posts that showed their expertise and outlined their process.

To generate brand awareness we used search ads and SEO strategies to reach a larger audience.

To generate high-quality leads we created marketing funnels through digital advertising and organic search results.

Creating Consistent, Branded Social Content

branded social media content

To create a digital presence for CorsPaint, we first turned to social media. Consistently posting content on Facebook and Google Business Profile shows credibility and lets the audience get to know your business. This was an ideal way to begin positioning the brand as approachable experts. We highlighted customer reviews, shared industry knowledge, and highlighted the process.

Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Content

strategic blog post content for seo
See the latest blogs on CorsPaint’s Paint Talk!

Creating search-engine-optimized blogs both provides valuable information to customers and improves your website’s ranking on Google. We answered some of the most-searched questions related to painting, creating a resource that CorsPaint could easily reference when onboarding customers.

Reaching New Customers Through Search

google ad strategy search ads and display ads

Google searches are essential for local service companies. We immediately identified that CorsPaint could be reaching many more customers as they were searching for painting services. We began running and optimizing search ad campaigns, which were helped along by our monthly SEO blogs. In less than a year, we lowered our cost-per-click by 59% – just $1.11 by the end of 2021. By reducing our cost per click, we were reaching more customers for the same budget.

What We Accomplished with Our Digital Campaign for CorsPaint

digital strategy comparative results corspaint

Our digital marketing for CorsPaint brought in 8-10 leads a week through online forms and phone calls. Customers reported finding CorsPaint through Google, a clear sign that our search ads and SEO strategies were paying off. Thanks to the increased demand, CorsPaint expanded from 5 teams to 8, expanding their business by 60% in just one year.


Let’s Start Your Award-Winning Campaign!

We’re so proud of the results you see above. Not because of the awards or the numbers, but because we helped these businesses grow! We take partnering with businesses seriously. Knowing your business inside and out makes celebrating wins like these even more rewarding.

If you’re looking to expand your business, we want to talk to you! We’re a full-service marketing agency, dedicated to propelling brands forward. Our team translates your goals into marketing strategies, delivering results like the ones you see above. To see what award-winning marketing can do for your business, contact us!