Take a ‘note’ from Tumblr – How the forgotten platform can give you an edge

tumblr mobileTumblr, the microblogging and sharing website created in 2007 by David Karp and owned by Yahoo! Inc., is what many Internet savvy users consider the underbelly of social media. We go there to learn something, we go there to be inspired, we go there to connect, but it is not the first place businesses go to establish or further social media presence.

In fact, Tumblr is often forgotten or opted out of completely in social media strategy.  However, the current goal of many businesses is to differentiate their brand among competition and Tumblr might serve as the next place to not only extend a campaign, but also find inspiration for fresh company blog content to engage with an audience.

As of January 2015, Tumblr supports more than 216 million blogs with a growing corporate/business sphere. That is a huge reach opportunity for executed social media strategy.  Rather than lamenting over Tumblr as a missed opportunity, consider why starting and maintaining a corporate Tumblr account as a component of social media strategy stands to benefit your brand.

1. It’s FREE!
Blogs, deemed tumblrogs by users, are free to create and maintain.  The benefit of connecting over a free social media service outweighs cost because there is no cost to consider or compare to.

2. Backlinking
Backlinking serves as indications for SEO (search engine optimization). It lets strategists know who is viewing a page or post, as well as giving value to how much impact that post makes through exposure.

Backlinking feeds into the idea that Tumblr serves as a content testing ground, which is significant if you want to spend marketing dollars effectively on other social media.  Starting on Tumblr is a way to gauge reactions to new content like articles, memes, photos, and gif sets.

3. Expand on idea of converged media
A blog allows for the generation of content as well as linking to other big traffic social media accounts. Additionally, it is also another great way to connect and feature users by sharing their posts, monitoring their tags, actually tagging them, or featuring consumers using products. Tumblr is a way to achieve a quirkier form of connection with your audience, adding another dimension to interaction.  Interaction in turn furthers company-consumer relationships and brand recognition.

4. Be Inspired!
On Tumblr, nothing is too crazy to work or too strange to not make an impact. The best posts can happen at any time of day and great content gains momentum almost instantaneously.  Tumblr is a resource, not an expense!

Something important to keep in mind is that Tumblr is not necessarily a platform you should look to if the goal of social media strategy is to drastically boost sales.  Numbers can still be tracked by online point-of-sale metrics, but the true value of Tumblr is creating brand awareness in a potentially unaware community, as well as developing engagement with existing consumers.  With the potential to increase your social currency and presence, Tumblr is the no-longer-forgotten platform to be incorporated into your next social media strategy campaign.

Here are a few of our office favorite Tumblr pages:

  •      Popsonnet puts a fresh spin on classic literature
  •      Literary Starbucks imagines the coffee orders of iconic literary figures
  •      Design before computers is featured in History Is Mine
  •      And, of course, the ultimate self-branding queen, Taylor Swift

Photo Credit: 2nix Studio / Shutterstock.com

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