Places to Be Inspired, Right in Our Backyard!

getcreativeLiquid Creative is proud to be a locally owned firm doing business here in gorgeous Gainesville, Florida. This is an amazing city with a ton to offer for anyone who is looking to get creative, learn something new, and be inspired and entertained. In honor of Gainesville, and in the name of creativity, the Liquid team has compiled a list of just a few of the awesome places you can go to inspire your imagination in Gainesville.

The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention

Head to the Cade Museum where you and your family can enjoy classes, programs and exhibits designed to create “purposeful creativity” for museum visitors. They have a mission to inspire creative thinking — the kind that leads to “great inventions, new businesses and ideas that change the world”. The Cade Museum is located on South Main Street in downtown Gainesville.

University of Florida Performing Arts

The UFPA presents programs in the Phillips Center, University Auditorium, the Baughman Center, Squitieri Studio Theatre, as well as the Stephen C. O’Connell Center, so there’s always something exciting and inspiring going on. UFPA performances feature dance, music, theater and every other kind of artistic expression imaginable, so you can experience a million different ways to be inspired.

GFAA Gallery

We might be a bit biased, seeing as our office space is shared with the GFAA Gallery, but it’s still safe to say this is an amazing place to relax, get introspective and experience local art. Along with displaying beautiful artwork, the GFAA Gallery also makes art available for purchase and holds workshops and seminars. It’s located at 1314 South Main Street (just like us!)

Sweetwater Wetlands Park

If you’re in the mood for a little outdoor inspiration, consider spending an afternoon exploring Sweetwater Wetlands Park. Completed just last year, this park is a 125-acre man-made wetland habitat. Along with offering up gorgeous scenery, the park also serves to restore the natural water flow to more than 1,300 acres of formerly drained  wetlands in Paynes Prairie and protects and improves water quality in the Alachua Sink and the Floridan aquifer. What’s more inspiring than that?!

Florida Museum of Natural History

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the family, or a unique destination for a date, the Florida Museum of Natural History has got you covered. And admission is free! The museum features limited-time-only featured exhibits (such as the Wicked Plants display that is currently running), as well as eight permanent exhibits including Florida Fossils and the ever-popular Butterfly Rainforest, as well as several outside areas to explore. You’ll have fun while learning more about the history of our state!

While the above list represents a few of the many places we love to visit in town, we are the first to admit that this list is nowhere near exhaustive. We’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to innovative, inspirational locations and activities to pursue in Gainesville. Please do us a favor and let us know in the comments about your own favorite creative local destinations.

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