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Liquid Marketing

On Liquid Marketing, listen in as our Art Director, William, and VP of Marketing & Sales, Jen, candidly discuss marketing topics ranging from building a social media content strategy to creating and managing a marketing budget to the purpose your website should serve.

Liquid Marketing is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, VPs of Sales, and anyone with a passion to boost their brand. Each episode will provide insider tips and practical takeaways that you can put into practice to grow your business. Tune in right here—or via Spotify, iTunes, iHeart, and Google Play—to hear insights and lessons learned from Liquid’s leadership team.

On “The Drip,” our ongoing series of stand-alone episodes, we interview business owners, marketers, sales professionals, and other industry leaders about a specific marketing topic or particular area of expertise.

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Wanna catch up on missed episodes? Check out our archive below!

The Drip – Episode 5 – No Matter Who You Root for on the Gridiron, this Gator Knows Marketing!

Tina Banner is the Assistant Director for Social Media and Digital Communities for Advancement at the University of Florida, where she works to connect with Gator Nation through the UF Alumni Association’s social media channels. In this episode, Tina explains how social media has evolved in the education sector and shares her tips for engaging alumni through targeted social media posts and special initiatives.

The Drip – Episode 4 – How to Embody “Unreasonable Hospitality” in Your Business and Sales

Listen in as Jack Sharp, General Manager for Hunter Douglas as COO of Progressive Screens, talks to Jen about his unusual career path and how it led him to embed “unreasonable hospitality” in daily business operations—and how such luxury customer service and top-tier client relations can drive sales for any company.

The Drip – Episode 3 – Building Your Business From the Inside out

Jen has a great time talking with Daniel Eckhard, Owner and President of Straight Line Construction, a Florida home remodel construction company, who shares his vast experience with best hiring practices, how to build company culture, effective sales tactics, and key strategies for business growth.

The Drip – Episode 2 – Distinct Campaigns for Different Audiences

Listen as Truman Magley, District Director at Boy Scouts of America, talks to Jen about running major annual campaigns in the nonprofit sector. Truman shares how his organization successfully creates distinct marketing campaigns that reach and engage different target audiences (like Membership & Fundraising).

The Drip – Episode 1 – Brand Transitions & Acquisitions

Brand Acquisitions can be great for business but tricky to navigate. Listen to this 7/13/23 episode of “The Drip” to hear Champion Chair’s Digital Marketing Manager, Caylee Biegalski, walk Jen through what happened when they brought multiple brands under one umbrella.

The Drip – Episode 0 – Introduction

That’s right, folks, “The Drip” is dropping! Listen as Jen and William explain this new addition to Liquid Marketing’s podcast lineup.

Season 1 of Liquid Marketing (6 episodes):

S1E0 — Liquid Marketing Introduction

Hear from the hosts of Liquid Marketing, as they explain what prompted this podcast series and share what you can expect from future episodes. William Duxbury is Art Director, and Jen Houser is VP of Marketing & Sales at Liquid Creative digital marketing agency.

Liquid Marketing S01 E01: Generalists vs. Specialists

Jen & William talk about what it means to have a team of generalists working on your marketing projects, or a team of specialists—and the pros and cons of both types of professional. We’d love to hear where you land on this topic after you tune in!

Liquid Marketing S01 E02: Does My Company Need Social Media?

Today we answer these questions and more: What, specifically, are people talking about when they say “social media”? I have a personal social media account, but do I really need one for my business? I already have socials for y company, but where do I draw the line with engagement—especially with folks who leave negative comments?

Liquid Marketing S01 E03: Marketing Budget, Part 1

Ready to make room in the budget for marketing? William and Jen share a general model you can use to predict how much to spend on marketing, plus they explain an effective way to project ROI.

Liquid Marketing S01 E04: Marketing Budget, Part 2

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees; there’s only so much of the budget to go around. In this episode, learn what to do when you’ve spent a bunch of money on marketing, but you’re not seeing the results you want.

Liquid Marketing S01 E05: What is the purpose of a website?

We’ve all seen websites—some great and some not so great. When you want one that builds your business, you need to know the overall purpose of your website and the specific things your website should do. PLUS the super important #1 tip we share in this episode.

Liquid Marketing S01 E06: How much should I spend on Google ads?

What’s B2B and B2C? Not all marketing campaigns are the same. William and Jen talk about how to pick a well-rounded media/ad mix that supports your business goals so that you’re operationally ready when the leads start rolling in.

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