Spring Clean Your Online Life

After a winter of hibernation indoors at our computers (yes, Floridians feel the need to hibernate too), we’re spending more time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. With the sunshine comes perspective, and many of us at Liquid Creative Studio have felt the need to de-clutter our lives. And by our lives, we mean our virtual lives.

If you’re a slave to your computer, why not make it a more pleasant place to be?

Desktop: Trash and refresh

If you have the same desktop background that you had LAST spring, but you can barely see it anymore because of all the files, this tip is for you. Spend 30 minutes today creating folders, organizing the files and deleting the ones you don’t need anymore. Then find an image online that makes you happy (we recommend www.wallpaperswide.com) and change it out every few months.

Email: Clear out the inbox(es)

Thousands (and thousands) of emails have piled in our inboxes this year. Not only is it slowing our server down, it’s making the “search” tool less handy. If being subscribed to too many newsletters and promotions is your problem, use www.unroll.me to unsubscribe from them all at once. When I did it, it took me off almost 60 lists!

Facebook: De-friend unhappiness

Many of us are slaves to Facebook. If you feel the need to check it every day, at least make sure it’s uplifting. Connecting with people and sharing your awesome life online is great, but make sure you’re not being brought down by other people.

We’ll be spending this month clearing out the old to focus on the new, and we hope you do too! Let us know on our Facebook page how it improves your life.

Where did we get this brilliant idea to de-clutter our virtual lives? We were inspired by Bianca Strzelczyk. Check out her blog post here: De-clutter Your (Virtual) Life.


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