Stay Connected Online This Summer

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The weather’s getting hotter, the days are getting longer and vacations are being booked, which can only mean one thing. It’s almost summertime! By Florida standards, at least. For smaller businesses, all the excitement and activity of summer is the perfect time to revamp their social media presence.

Social media is one of the best ways for businesses with limited advertising budgets to stay connected with customers. By being part of Twitter, Facebook and other widely used platforms, businesses can keep their publics updated and informed – even when business might be slow.

Keep your accounts updated

Many businesses are on social media but post very irregularly. Make a goal to post an interesting news article, business update or special at least once a day. Include a link or picture with every single post because it’s proven to increase fan engagement. Don’t get discouraged if you have little engagement at first. As your fan count grows, adjust to producing the content they want to read. The Facebook Analytics feature is great for gauging what that content is.

Join a new social media site

Being involved with multiple social media sites is always a plus because it improves your SEO, or search engine optimization, and makes current and potential customers find you more easily online. If you have your Facebook presence on lockdown, consider expanding to Twitter or Pinterest.

Be engaging

We recommend downloading the “Facebook Pages Managers” application on your smart phone so you get notifications when anyone comments on or messages your company page. As your fan count grows and more people interact on your page, you’ll need a fast response time to keep them engaged. And don’t be afraid to ask your fans questions. “How is everyone’s summer going?” shows that you’re interested in two-way communication and gives the opportunity to know fans on a personal level.

We strongly recommend using innovative methods to connect with fans on Facebook. Hosting contests, highlighting employees and tagging them in the posts, and offering specials are a few proven ways to maximize your social media presence.

Halley Wharton interns at Liquid Creative Studio while attending the University of Florida for Public Relations.

Halley Wharton interns at Liquid Creative Studio while attending the University of Florida for Public Relations.

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