Top 4 2015 Super Bowl Ads

footballIt’s that time of year again. Yesterday millions gathered ‘round with friends and loved ones to eat, drink, cheer and – most importantly – to see some of the best television advertisements of the 2015 year.

One trend we saw this year was the early release of brands’ prized commercials on social media. Not only was this exceptionally effective in creating pre-game media buzz, but also it kept ad junkies on the lookout for each brands’ big debut during the game.

Something unexpected this year was that we saw a 25 percent slip in the use of social media hashtags (from a record 75 percent down to a measly 50 percent). What does this mean? Perhaps advertisers weren’t impressed with the turnout from previous years. Or perhaps it was affected by the ratio of humor to emotional messages we saw featured in 2015’s Super Bowl advertising.

The usual big players showed up with a bang; Budweiser, Dove, T-Mobile and Doritos. More impressively, over 15 first-time Super Bowl advertisers were featured during this year’s game, the most since 2000. Below are a few of our favorite campaigns. Share your favorite in the comments below or by posting the video on our Facebook page.

Loctite: “Positive Feelings”
What a creative and humorous way to sell super glue. No one will ever look at this product the same way again . . .

Nationwide: “Invisible Mindy”
While some may claim that featuring celebrities is an advertising “cheap trick,” Mindy Kaling’s TV persona Dr. Mindy Lahiri was the perfect character to portray the “invisible customer” longing for good service.

BMW:Newfangled Idea”
It’s hard to remember a time when the internet was a new discovery. And who knows, maybe BMW i3 is the NEW internet?

Always: “#LikeAGirl”
Last but certainly not least, the cut #LikeAGirl ad. If you follow our blog and Facebook page, you may remember that we featured this campaign as a case study when Always released the video last summer. We are thrilled to have been ahead of the trends on this one in recognizing the creative talent, powerful message and exceptional execution of this inspirational campaign.

View all 2015 Super Bowl commercials here.

Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes

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