Top 5 Favorite Ads from the 2016 Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50Millions of Americans gathered behind their TV screens to watch the Panthers and the Broncos battle it out during Super Bowl 50. With Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, looking to end his monumental career with a bang, and Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, hoping to squash those dreams, the game was definitely one for the books.

At least, that’s what we heard. The Liquid Creative team spent more of our time analyzing our favorite Super Bowl commercials! For some, Super Bowl champions are crowned on the field. For us, the true champions are showcased during the commercial breaks. Although we did see some lackluster ads during this year’s Super Bowl, some brands definitely brought their A-game. The overall trend of this year’s ads seemed to be to keep things light and humorous, whether that be through hybrid animal creatures or another Steve Harvey mishap. Here are our top five favorite campaigns from Super Bowl 50.

  1. T-Mobile “Drops the Ball”: Poking fun at Steve Harvey’s recent Miss Universe blunder that caused quite an uproar, this commercial blames Verizon for his mistake. Congrats Steve Harvey, we can agree with the masses on Twitter and say that you have definitely been redeemed.
  2. Hyundai “First Date”: It seems that any ad featuring Kevin Hart is a fan favorite. In this spot, Hart kindly gives his teenage daughter’s date the keys to his Hyundai Genesis. What the teen doesn’t know is that this new Hyundai has a Car Finder Feature so Hart can track every step of his daughter’s date night. A fun and clever way to highlight the car’s new feature, this ad was amusing and informative.
  3. Mountain Dew “Puppy Monkey Baby”: No, you were not the only one wondering what you just saw after viewing this, but that’s exactly why we love this ad. Mountain Dew’s interesting approach of introducing a hybrid creature to highlight their drink’s combination of juice, caffeine and Dew was strange yet somehow memorable.  
  4. Avocados from Mexico “Avos In Space”: I mean, who doesn’t love a good avocado commercial featuring aliens looking back on Earth’s history? This hilariously odd commercial takes a spin on the life of humans and some of our ridiculous trends including the white and gold dress argument, solving a Rubik’s Cube, Chia Pets, and (of course) Scott Baio. The greatest accomplishment of all mankind turns out to be guacamole. We see what you did there, Avocados from Mexico.
  5. Doritos “Ultrasound”: Last but certainly not least, Doritos knows how to get people talking about their brand. This ad, which involved a father-to-be eating Doritos while his wife receives an ultrasound, prompted a shocking response when their unborn baby reached towards the bag. After all, who doesn’t want a Dorito?!
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