Trip Spotlight: Hector goes to Greece!

Working remotely hits a whole new level with our  Graphic Designer, Hector Del Valle. This past year, Hector spent several weeks in Greece and we couldn’t wait to have him back in the states to share his adventure with us.  Here’s just a few thoughts on his holiday adventures!

Why did you go to Greece?

My partner, Tareq, lives in Greece. We take turns traveling back and forth to see each other.

How long were you there?

I was there for seven weeks. It was my second time visiting Greece.

What was your favorite place in Greece?

Iathens was in Athens this time. From the places I’ve seen in Greece, though, I’d have to say traveling to the island of Crete was my favorite. I was in an area called Chania. The mix of the rocky landscape and the beautiful seawater made for amazing scenery. The seafood was probably the freshest I’ve ever had.



How was the culture different in Greece?

The culture in Greece feels somewhat familiar to me. I’m Puerto Rican and there were many surprising similarities in the way people live. Family and friends are something of extreme value to Greeks. And, of course, the food is also important and something that people will bond over. I did experience a few Greek traditions while I was there, as it was during the holidays/New Years.

Of course the food is different so what was your favorite unconventional dish that you had?

food greece Although I did eat many things that are hard to find in the US, nothing was too unconventional. Personally, I’ve never liked octopus and I attempted to try it again in Greece. Needless to say, it was amazing. I noticed that all the ingredients are always fresh, with very little preservatives. In the mornings, I’d go to a pastry shop down the street and have my morning kuluri – a round flaky pastry stuffed with cheese and covered in sesame seeds.

Was it hard having to work from Greece?

Really the only tough part was being seven hours ahead of everyone here at the office. Sometimes I’d have to wait later in the day to get some things done.

When do you plan on going back?

My plan is to go back from June to August. This time around I’ll be exploring more of the islands.


What an amazing trip! Needless to say we are happy to have Hector back in the office; we really missed our personal office DJ and his contagious laugh.


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