Wearable Technology to Watch for This Year

ringlyPhoto Credit: designmilk

“Hey what time is it?” Time for you to get a watch…or perhaps something even better!

If you’re anything like the majority of society today, new technology holds the equivalence to chocolate; you don’t necessarily NEED it to live but you crave it when you don’t have it.

Wearable technology is beginning to grow in popularity and the functions these devices provide can range from simply keeping time to regulating sleeping patterns. Sounds like something from the future, right? Warable.com recently released a list of 50 Wearable Game-changers for 2015 and we picked a few of our favorites. So check out the wearable devices that can satiate those technology hunger pangs!

Whistle. Keep track of your furry companion with this activity monitoring tech device for your dog! Able to monitor behavioral trends, levels of activity, rest and overall health, this little color accessory links right to your smartphone in an app. Attach the device to a collar of any kind and see how your dog is doing over extended periods of time! While being waterproof and rechargeable for over 7 days of data, this little device might teach old dogs a new trick or two about their pet’s well-being. Want an excuse to learn more and watch cute dogs? Check out their website.

Ringly. Want to get out of the habit of constantly checking your phone for  missed calls or social media notifications? This is the wearable device for you! Ringly is a ring that syncs with your mobile device and notifies you when you get messages, voicemails or any other alerts on your phone that you can customize in the corresponding app. Doubling as a stylish ring, Ringly is available in 5 colors and 4 different vibration patterns.

GoPro Hero 4. We couldn’t have a list of wearable tech devices without the GoPro. The ultimate action-capturing camera, the GoPro Hero 4 can shoot  4K video at 30fps. In other words, it has extremely high performance quality, especially for such a small device! Great for scenic vacations or epic selfies, this wearable is sure to capture some great memories.

Moov. Get a personal trainer without the hassle of being followed around by a sweaty, over-energized, aggressive coach? Sign us up! Moov is the ultimate wearable for tracking your workout and recording reps, calories burned and progress while coaching you with advice for a better exercise regimen. Able to analyze your movements through 3D technology, Moov helps optimize your workout to help you get the results you strive for.

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