6 Website Trends You Need To Use For Your Business

July 28, 2022

In the digital age, your business success depends on your website. It’s a huge piece of any digital marketing puzzle. Social media, digital ads, and quick Google searches will all lead your potential customers to this one place. So how do you win them over once they get there?

There are already plenty of lists detailing 2022’s hottest website design trends. But how effective are they at converting website traffic to leads? In this blog, we’re breaking down the website trends that make the most sense for today’s business owner. We’ll turn today’s trends into timeless lessons that will help you improve the functionality and experience of your site.

1. Brand Videos To Tell Your Story

Video is hands-down the most engaging medium available. Let’s face it – it’s a lot more likely your prospects will watch a 3 minute video than read through text for 3 minutes. That’s why so many businesses are choosing to tell their brand stories through video, featured on their website homepage.

Brand videos put a face to the name, show what you’re capable of, and show the personality behind your business. They let viewers get to know you before they’ve even spoken to you. And that makes them all the more likely to reach out.

Featuring a video on your website is like greeting a customer when they walk into your store. It feels personal and welcoming, more so than any positioning statement ever will.

2. Features That Enhance User Experience

Example of Florida Construction Cost Calculator for Hurd Construction

Functionality comes first in website design. Many companies have unique needs for how they’ll interact with the customers online. For example, real estate agents may want to use plugins with always up-to-date listings while a healthcare clinic may need a way for users to schedule their next appointment.

The best custom websites are the ones that make your job easier. It might be difficult to navigate plugins and integrations on your own, so we recommend hiring a web design agency to get maximum usability out of your site.

A great example is the Cost Calculator we created for Hurd Construction. This free resource is valuable to website visitors – so much so that they’re willing to enter their contact information to view the resource. With a resource like this, the customer gets a helpful tool and you get a high-quality lead who already knows your name!

3. Mini-Sites and Landing Pages

Example of mini site for GRU 2021 Year in Review

Mini-sites are all the rage nowadays. Businesses use them to build hype for events, spotlight new services, and drive specific results. Also called micro-sites, these websites can stand on their own while adding to the brand’s overall appeal. With the added effort and cost required of microsites, we’d recommend these more often for larger campaigns, national brands, and long-lasting content.

If you’d like to skip buying a new domain name and designing a whole new experience for your micro-site, a landing page is a great compromise. Landing pages can help you turn your Google ad clicks into quality leads or help you promote a specific part of your business

For example, a landing page is ideal for a limited-time promotion. You can use it as a way to draw in prospects with a specific interest, add a sense of urgency, and collect leads interested in a particular product.

4. Surprise & Entice With Scroll Effects

Example of interactive scrolling for The Ocala Mortgage Guy

Interactive scrolling effects keep the user’s interest as they continue down the page. Website designers have gotten creative with different ways to use scrolling, but most concepts fall under parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling refers to different objects on the page moving at different speeds, giving the screen multiple levels of depth.

Another common trend is using fixed elements that stay on the screen no matter how far you scroll. With a fixed website header, you can make navigation easy or keep your phone number on screen at all times.

Bonus tip: Design your website so that the next section is always visible on screen. While we concentrate on a clear and powerful message “above the fold”, showing a glimpse of the following section can encourage users to scroll down and learn more.

5. Use Motion To Enhance Text & Icons

Website Icon Animation

Incorporating motion into your website helps you capture the attention – and hearts – of your audience. Whether it’s lightly animated icons, scrolling text, or even interactive hover effects, motion gives the user more incentive to look around and take in your messaging.

To take it one step further, use videos throughout your website as an engaging way to tell your story. This is ideal for your About page, to inform viewers about your process, and even to feature testimonials about your business. Video is an ever-growing opportunity to show all you have to offer and put your personality on display. There’s no better place to start than your website!

6. Testimonials & Connections To Review Sites

website Testimonials & Connections To Review Sites

Example of client testimonials for The Walker Advantage Team

Customer reviews and testimonials are the most convincing way to get new customers from your website. Reviews, both on your website and on other platforms, and essential to establishing your credibility. They give your audience a clearer picture of what working with you might look like, which can sway them towards giving you a call.

You can even automate your website with plugins that automatically fetch the newest reviews! These features connect your website to ranking platforms like your Google Business Profile, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Yelp, and more. These review integrations keep your website updated and give visitors a quick way to visit your social profiles.

Modern, Engaging Websites Start Here

We’re surrounded by websites every time we hop online. Simply having a digital presence isn’t enough to earn someone’s business. Being found and being remembered both require engaging content, captivating design, and advanced technical knowledge. Luckily, we can help you with all three!

With a dedicated team well-versed in today’s website trends and best practices, Liquid Creative has everything you need for a stunning site. From copywriting to design to development, we’ll guide you towards a custom website you can’t wait to show off. We’re proud to create websites that are equally functional, engaging, and search-engine optimized. Contact us to learn more!