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October 7, 2021

Social Media Updates That Show What’s Next For Facebook, Twitter, & Clubhouse

We’ve talked a lot about how social media platforms have all seemed to meld together in the past year. (Meaning that they all tried to be TikTok.) More recent features are showing us a new picture of some platforms leaning into their strengths while others introduce new features that make sense for them. Sure, there’s still a lot of competition over certain types of content. But this week’s social media updates let us know what to expect from Facebook, Twitter, and Clubhouse.


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More Integrations in the Facebook Universe

When Facebook’s suite of platforms went down for about 6 hours this Monday, we were all reminded of just how often we refresh our Facebook feeds, scroll through Reels, and send messages on WhatsApp. Though we might’ve done a double-take when we realized how much online time is spent on Facebook’s services, the company is happy to give you even more reasons to stay on their platforms. Facebook is continuing to connect its platforms with Reels on Facebook, ads that lead to WhatsApp, and cross-platforming messaging.

With Reels making their Facebook debut in the US, some Instagram creators can choose to have their content suggested to Facebook users. The new feature should enhance discoverability for creators, especially now that Reels can be shared to Facebook groups. Meanwhile, boosted posts on Instagram are now able to be linked to WhatsApp messaging. Your call to action will prompt users to send a message to a connected WhatsApp account, where auto-replies and organizational features will be in full effect. Back on the consumer front, cross-platform messaging, one of a few new Messenger features, makes chatting a breeze no matter what app you’re on. Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger contacts will all be available to chat with no matter which app you prefer.

What does this mean for Florida Businesses?

With all the platforms merging, where does your business really need to be? Number one is Facebook, which is a key platform for business discovery. Maintain your page in a way that someone who searches your name can learn about your current offerings. Instagram can be a bit more fun, especially with Stories, stickers, polls, and hashtags.

WhatsApp gives users an easy way to message your business and buy from you. Many people use this app for group messaging, so having a presence here can be very convenient for your audience. Establishing a WhatsApp presence should be as simple as doing some setup and monitoring messages, while Facebook and Instagram deserve a little more attention with consistent posting.


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Professional Tweeters: New Business-Friendly Profiles on Twitter

When Facebook’s platforms are down, where do people go for their news feed needs? For many, the answer was Twitter. And with new Professional Profiles in testing, your business presence is about to get a lot more informative. These new Twitter profiles include an About Module that lets you share information about your business beyond your profile description. The About Module has a dedicated space on your main profile page, above where your tweets begin. Add your location for an easy tap-for-directions function for users, show your hours of operations, and include ways people can contact you.

Twitter has been experimenting with a lot of new features lately, introducing new ways to play with content and have a better experience on the app. Professional Profiles seem like one step towards making the platform more business-friendly. With ad options that lead to your profile, having more information than a URL and a pinned tweet makes a lot of sense.

What does this mean for Florida Businesses?

You can apply to be a part of the Professional Profile test now, but most businesses will need to wait until the feature finishes testing. If you have a Twitter account, adding this information in is a must – it’ll be a lot clearer that the account belongs to a business whenever someone visits your profile. You might also get fewer questions about your hours or location, and users can find their way to a brick-and-mortar location with even fewer taps than before. We’re excited to give Professional Profiles a try when they’re ready for the public!


Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Is The Clubhouse FOMO Over? New Recording Features

Since Clubhouse has been around, it’s had an air of exclusivity and FOMO (the fear of missing out) surrounding it. Not long ago, you had to be invited by a current user, could only join on an iPhone, and needed to join the conversation as it was happening to take part. The newest updates from Clubhouse show us that the exclusivity is coming to an end with recorded audio rooms and Clips.

Clips are 30-second audio snippets that any user can download and share to other social channels. This, along with a new universal search feature in the app, is meant to enhance discoverability of conversations and creators. Paired with an upcoming feature for hosts to record their audio rooms, listening to conversations you’re interested in has never been easier. These updates are similar to existing features for Twitter’s audio rooms, Spaces. Twitter has beaten Clubhouse to the punch on the rollout to android, universal access, and hosts being able to download a recording of their chat. It seems that now both Twitter and Clubhouse are looking to enhance discoverability and incentivize creators to use their platform.

What does this mean for Florida Businesses?

With Clubhouse making their content easier to access, we can’t help but wonder: Was the exclusivity part of the draw? Clubhouse specializes in live, authentic audio content that a listener has a chance to take a part in. With recorded sessions, users won’t have the ability to react and will have less FOMO from missing a talk from their favorite creator. Will users still tune in for an hour-long talk when they could just watch a few 30-second highlights? We’ll stay tuned to see how this shakes out – the results might give us a better understanding of whether live content is worth investing in for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Ok, now what?

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